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23rd August Free Forex Signals

  • Author: admin
  • Date: August - 23 - 2010

Apologies for the late entries today. All the more reason to open a RebateFX account to get the RebateFX Strategy pack and get the signals on time eh? :)
As usual, 25 pip trailing stops are recommended.

Buy @1.2743 SL1.2675 TP1.2793
Sell @1.2675 SL1.2743 TP1.2625

Buy @81.67 SL81.10 TP82.17
Sell @81.10 SL81.67 TP80.60

Buy @108.89 SL108.24 TP109.39
Sell @108.24 SL108.89 TP107.74

Buy @1.6129 SL1.6054 TP1.6179
Sell @1.6054 SL1.6129 TP1.6004

23rd August Free Forex Signals

One Response to 23rd August Free Forex Signals

  1. jossy says:

    got 80 pips out today, good job, yens is vomiting pips

    Thank you guys

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