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10% of the total profit earned by RebateFX is now donated every month to Charity!

  • Author: admin
  • Date: July - 13 - 2010

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Promotion starting July 13th 2010 with no planned end!!

Use an Expert Advisor and get 10% extra rebates!

Simply purchase one of the Expert Advisors listed below and use it on your RebateFX account for the full month, and get paid an extra 10% on your rebates!

1) Open a RebateFX account. <click here if you haven’t already done so>

2) Purchase one of the EAs (Auto trading robots) listed below

2) Install it and start using it to auto trade your account

3) Send an email to admin@rebatefx.com with your account number and the name of the EA you are using to alert our staff to add an extra 10% to your monthly rebates every month!

Your typical rebate income can be higher than a manual trader as Expert Advisor trading robots generally produce a higher monthly trading volume.

If you already have an EA from another source, you are still eligible for a 10% bonus rebate!

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