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Some hate for hackers :( holasionweb Malware REMOVED

  • Author: admin
  • Date: May - 28 - 2010

The past couple of weeks have been hell for this site.

A particularly nasty malware infection, commonly known as the Holasionweb hack affected both this blog and the RebateFX forum.

I didn’t notice it until I visited my site on a windows 7 laptop when my virus checker blocked access because of a script exploit. I turned off the virus checker and the script redirected me to one of those spam sites that does a fake virus scan and tells you to buy their virus checker program to fix it.

Thankfully a spammy redirect is all it did to people who visited rebatefx.com. Thanks to those who reported it and helped me debug it.

What did I do to finally clean both the blog and the forum?

I went to this awesome blog!


A thousand thankyous must go out to Daniel for his script that cleaned everything up in a jiffy!

Now, back to normal. I will be able to post some more signals on Monday morning! Sorry for those who thought I disappeared when really I was losing all my hair trying to fix this thing 😉

Some hate for hackers :( holasionweb Malware REMOVED

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