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March 31st Forex Breakouts

  • Author: admin
  • Date: March - 31 - 2008

USD/JPY – 20 pip trail

Buy @99.99 SL99.75 TP100.35

Sell @99.50 SL99.75 TP99.10

EUR/JPY – 25 pip trail

Buy @158.08 SL157.72 TP158.42

Sell @157.18 SL157.56 TP156.60

GBP/JPY – 45 pip trail

Buy @199.29 SL198.80 TP199.94

Sell @197.20 SL197.70 TP196.56

Welcome to a new week and the end of the month.  :)

March 31st Forex Breakouts

2 Responses to March 31st Forex Breakouts

  1. giogio15 says:

    And begining of new profitable month 😀 Reb how are you doing? :)

  2. Jafar says:

    Hi Gio. Life is pretty good :)

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