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March 26th Forex Breakouts

  • Author: admin
  • Date: March - 26 - 2008

Sorry for the late signals. My baby daughter was screaming all night so I slept through my alarm :)


Buy @100.33 SL99.99 TP100.59

Sell @99.67 SL99.99 TP99.37


Buy @156.74 SL156.31 TP157.14

Sell @155.82 SL156.23 TP155.51


Buy @201.20 SL200.70 TP201.81

Sell @199.49 SL200.01 TP198.70

March 26th Forex Breakouts

6 Responses to March 26th Forex Breakouts

  1. yq says:

    Sell @155.82 SL156.23 TP155.51
    result -41pip

  2. yq says:


    Buy @156.74 SL156.31 TP157.14 -43


    Sell @99.67 SL99.99 TP99.37 +30

  3. Samer ElKordy says:

    Dear Jafar,
    first I ask god for your daughter to be ok…
    I need to ask about the trail…

    Thanks alot

  4. yq says:


    Sell @199.49 SL200.01 TP198.70 +79

  5. Jafar says:

    Sorry I forgot the trails today guys. I was in a tither about not getting the signals on time. You could have just looked back at previous days where I indicated the trails. Hope you got the pips today :)

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