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Make 50 posts on RebateFX Forum and get a $5 micro account at FXFrench!

  • Author: admin
  • Date: August - 17 - 2008

Hi All

Get paid to post!

Starting from Monday 18th August, if you make 50 good quality posts on the RebateFX Forum, you will be given $5 free on an FXFrench Forex Micro account that will also earn a forex spread rebate!

Posting Rules:

1) Posts must be good quality posts. Single line “thanks” or “I agree” type posts may be deleted. The idea is that we want to create a community here, not a bunch of robots who don’t speak to each other.

2) Copy/Paste posts from other websites in order to build your post count without any real effort may be deleted

3) Posts must not contain promotion of any broker except fxfrench.com

4) Any websites linked to in any posts must include a banner and/or referral link to fxfrench.com or the URL may be removed.

5) Profits from trading bonus money may be withdrawn after making 1000 micro lots in volume (+/- 4 pips). If you would like to withdraw profits sooner, you need to make an additional deposit of US$1 or more to your account. This applies only to profits made after your deposit. You cannot trade the $5 bonus, make profit, deposit $1 then immediately expect to withdraw those profits made on the bonus money alone.

How to claim your forum posting bonus?

1) Create a new micro account via http://www.rebatefx.com/register.html and submit the rebates claim form.

2) Send a PM to “RebateFX” on RebateFX forum with your new account number and ask for your free $5 bonus. When your posts are checked for quality, the bonus will be added to your account via internal transfer.

All trades of +/- 4 pips or more are eligible for a 1/2 pip rebate from RebateFX paid monthly, directly into your trading account on a monthly basis.

You may also make use of the free forex signals blog at http://www.rebatefx.com/signals to make your trades if you require assistance.

RebateFX.com is happy to announce this new bonus with the support of the FXOpen team and we hope that the free $5 on the micro account will help you to learn how to be a profitable trader with minimum risk.

Just visit http://www.rebatefx.com/forum , make a new forum account and get posting!

Make 50 posts on RebateFX Forum and get a $5 micro account at FXFrench!

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