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Jan 4th Breakout Signals

  • Author: admin
  • Date: January - 4 - 2008


Buy @161.41 SL161.04 TP161.95

Sell @160.72 SL161.08 TP160.20


Buy @109.67 SL109.28 TP110.13

Sell @108.90 SL109.28 TP108.43


Buy @216.47 SL215.50 TP217.66

Sell @214.54 SL215.50 TP213.35


Buy @1.9740 SL1.9705 TP1.9780

Sell @1.9705 SL1.9740 TP1.9650

Word of caution. Today is Non Farm Payrolls day so you may want to sit this one out. Either way, use a tight trailing stop today as volatility may be lower heading into the US session. Good Luck!

Jan 4th Breakout Signals

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