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Forex Weekly Chart Swing Breakouts!

  • Author: admin
  • Date: January - 11 - 2010

Nothing is promising on Daily charts and on Mondays it’s always good to look for opportunities on the weekly charts.

Here’s what I have for you today with targets based on a visual check and fibonacci retracement formula. (I’ve used rounded prices so if you don’t have an ECN account just omit the zero from the end)

Buy GBP/USD @1.62400 SL1.58950 TP1.67000

Sell GBP/USD @1.58950 SL1.62400 TP1.52370


Buy GBP/JPY @150.690 SL145.950 TP155.800

Sell GBP/JPY @145.950 SL150.690 TP142.020

Forex Weekly Chart Swing Breakouts!

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