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Forex Breakout Signals for Dec 21st

  • Author: admin
  • Date: December - 21 - 2007


Buy @113.41 SL113.13 TP113.75

Sell @112.85 SL113.13 TP112.51


Buy @162.59 SL162.12 TP163.17

Sell @162.16 SL162.56 TP161.65


Buy @225.33 SL224.50 TP226.36

Sell @223.66 SL224.50 TP222.63


Buy @1.9891 SL 1.9860 TP1.9945

Remember to use trailing stop. Beware end of year trading conditions. Use a demo account if you don’t have a risk account to trade these signals in current risky market conditions.

Forex Breakout Signals for Dec 21st

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