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February 8th Breakout Signals

  • Author: admin
  • Date: February - 8 - 2008


Buy @107.53 SL107.24 TP107.80

Sell @107.08 SL107.33 TP106.70


Buy @155.70 SL155.25 TP156.07

Sell @155.04 SL155.40 TP154.50


Buy @209.48 SL208.90 TP210.06

Sell @207.94 SL208.50 TP207.00


Buy @1.4522 SL1.4490 TP1.4572

Sell @1.4439 SL1.4475 TP1.4395

Hope we get another clean profit day. Good luck!

February 8th Breakout Signals

5 Responses to February 8th Breakout Signals

  1. pietro gambino says:

    can you speak italian?

  2. cesar says:

    hi Rebate!
    i don’t think the EU go ong or short today. it seems like a sideways day. And for long 1ยบ we must to cross the 1.4523 Pivot…
    UJ traders, wants to go long, but the Monthly pivot zone at 107.7x looks like a very hard cross point.
    In 2 minutes London will close, maybe another history start.

  3. Din says:

    Helo there,
    Can I now your nickname? ๐Ÿ˜›
    It is much more nice to talk with someone with a name.
    I’m quite new here and also in Forex industry.
    How long have you been involve in Forex?
    The signal you gave, it is based on technical analysis or fundamental analysis or you consider both?
    Well, 2 question for a good start and ice breaking :)
    See you around.

  4. admin says:

    Hi there Din

    My name is Jafar. I have to try and find the option in Worpdress to change my nick back. It switched to “Admin” when I moved to the new server and upgraded WordPress. I’ll find it soon I’m sure :)

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