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AUD/JPY Update 2

  • Author: admin
  • Date: April - 29 - 2008

The final lot of the position trailed out at +74 pips. I’m happy overall although I thought it would go for longer. Congrats to those who joined me :)

AUD/JPY Update 2

3 Responses to AUD/JPY Update 2

  1. Fx-Psycho says:

    Hi Jafar,

    I have no idea as to how long will you keep posting your signals for free, but you are a great man and a great trader. The day when we got -339, it did not act as a deterrent, and i kept following your signals. Special thanks for the swing trades as well as the day trades.

    Thanks mate. Keep spreading the smiles.


  2. John says:

    I was at work all day and was not able to set a stop loss so actually when I cancelled my third lot it was up 94 pips. a few more pips than if i had used a stop loss

  3. John says:

    er that should read trailing stop loss

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