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9th November Swing Breakout

  • Author: admin
  • Date: November - 8 - 2009

The last swing signals from 4th November on the jpy pairs netted me +316 pips as I closed them during the NFP madness on Friday.

Today we are again looking at GBP/JPY and a dual breakout since the close on Friday was pretty much in the centre of the range we are looking at. Also incidentally, quite close to the 150.xxx psychological level. :)

Buy GBP/JPY @150.610 SL 148.540
Sell GBP/JPY @148.540 SL 150.610

As usual… Signals are valid from 0:00 (servertime) 9th November 2009 and should be held for 3 days and closed at that time or at a target you may set yourself.

Good Luck :)

9th November Swing Breakout

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