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8th March Weekly Forex Breakout signals

  • Author: admin
  • Date: March - 8 - 2010

Hi All. Here is what we have for this week. Now that the NFP release is out of the way, we should see some proper moves in the market.


Buy @137.57 SL136.48 TP138.66

Sell @136.48 SL137.57 TP135.39


Buy @84.73 SL83.98 TP85.48

Sell @83.98 SL84.73 TP83.23


Buy @82.67 SL81.87 TP83.47

Sell @81.87 SL82.67 TP81.07


Buy @90.86 SL90.15 TP91.57

Sell @90.15 SL90.86 TP89.44


Buy @123.91 SL123.01 TP124.81

Sell @123.01 SL123.91 TP122.11


Buy @88.46 SL87.68 TP89.24

Sell @87.68 SL88.46 TP86.90

8th March Weekly Forex Breakout signals

5 Responses to 8th March Weekly Forex Breakout signals

  1. Jdawg says:

    Hi Rebatefx!

    How do you do it? I made over 400 pips this week alone from these signals!

    Please tell me that you will not become a pay signals service in the future.

  2. WinnieAmos05 says:

    what time is 0:00 gmt in eastern standard time??

  3. WinnieAmos05 says:

    Hi RebateFX,
    What time is 0:00 gmt, in eastern standard time so I can check this blog for trading updates?

    Thank You

  4. Jafar says:

    Hi Winnie

    I’m assuming you mean US EST? EST is -5 or -4 hours GMT depending on daylight saving. Are you on daylight saving time now?

  5. WinnieAmos05 says:

    yes I am in daylight savings time.

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