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8th February Weekly Swings

  • Author: admin
  • Date: February - 8 - 2010

Here are a bunch of weekly swing trades based on the 4H Box weekly breakout strategy. Don’t forget to set break even stops when the trades are half way to target :)


Buy@ 122.370 SL121.430 TP124.250

Sell @ 121.430 SL122.370 TP119.550


Buy@ 139.910 SL138.715 TP142.300

Sell@ 138.715 SL139.910 TP138.325


Buy@ 83.880 SL82.990 TP85.660

Sell@ 82.990 SL83.880 TP81.210


Buy@77.825 SL76.980 TP79.515

Sell@ 76.98 SL77.825 TP75.290


Buy@ 89.655 SL88.940 TP79.515

Sell@88.940 SL89.655 TP87.510


Buy@ 83.390 SL82.655 TP84.860

Sell@ 82.655 SL83.390 TP81.185

8th February Weekly Swings

4 Responses to 8th February Weekly Swings

  1. kobi says:

    hi jafar,

    thanks for the signals,
    we didnt hear from you the whole month,
    what’s happen?

  2. kobi says:

    hi jafar,

    thanks for the signals,

    we didnt hear from u the all month,
    whats happen?

  3. kobi says:

    hi jafar
    thanks for the signals
    where r u? we didnt hear from u the all month?

  4. Jafar says:


    These are breakout signals. If the market is extremely sideways as it often is in January doldrums, we can’t force an opportunity out of the situation :)

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