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  • Author: admin
  • Date: January - 8 - 2008

——— is the market. How boring.

After gbp/jpy and eur/jpy took off this morning before I had a chance to properly assess the situation, the market proceeded to go pretty much nowhere.

Here is the result of an evil market to trade 😉

eur/usd triggered long, but dropped back to hit the stop for -25pips

usd/jpy long triggered and started to look good, drop fell away and hit stop loss for -38.

Currently sitting on -7 on eur/usd long for the second time.

Daily total  -63 though the asia session +40 took the bite off that so -23 really.

First loss for this blog. A a couple of people messaged me to say thanks for their profit. Apparently they took 15 or 20 pips on eur/usd respectively. This is a lesson to be learned. Use your own trailing stop, or take pips on the table if in your own mind, you want to take it.

More gbj/jpy breakouts will be posted at 10PM GMT or a few minutes after. Lets hope for another result tonight. :)


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