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2nd September Breakout Signals

  • Author: admin
  • Date: September - 2 - 2008

USD/JPY – 20 pip trail
Buy @ 108.40 SL108.15 TP108.72
Sell @ 107.91 SL108.15 TP107.59

GBP/JPY – 40 pip trail
Buy @ 194.70 SL194.20 TP195.65
Sell @ 193.06 SL193.50 TP192.46

GBP/CHF – 40 pip trail
Buy @ 1.9840 SL1.9780 TP1.9916
Sell @1.9724 SL1.9780 TP1.9648

2nd September Breakout Signals

3 Responses to 2nd September Breakout Signals

  1. Marium says:

    what time do you post the breakouts and what’s a good time to set the trades?

  2. Carl says:

    Buy @ 108.40 SL108.15 TP108.72
    Sell @ 107.91 SL108.15 TP107.59

    What does SL and TP mean? Thank you

  3. Jafar says:

    Marium, the signals are posted between 6am and 7am GMT. You should set them as soon as possible after posting (before london open)

    Carl, SL = Stop Loss, and TP= Target Point. They are suggested levels only so if your own analysis suggests differently, feel free to change them as you see fit. However, the entries should be kept the same.

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