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22nd September Daily Swing Breakout

  • Author: admin
  • Date: September - 22 - 2009

I’m looking at AUD/JPY today. It’s fairly sideways at the moment and screaming to go somewhere. This Swing signal will be both ways and we will hold whatever gets triggered.

Buy AUD/JPY @79.60 SL79.02
Sell AUD/JPY @79.02 SL79.60

22nd September Daily Swing Breakout

3 Responses to 22nd September Daily Swing Breakout

  1. ed says:

    With respect…Your published swingtrade forecasts are COMPLETELY USELESS without A TIME and TIME ZONE stamp attached to message. This is so basic I wonder what the rest of the site is about? Perhaps Ive missed something here but I cants see it on what Im looking at..


  2. ed says:

    correction.. I read the intro page saw no time stamp and couldn undestand what was going on. To comment i was directed to comment without opportunity to find or read the traders explanation of their service.. There the matter is made clear. So sorry. However.. perhaps the webmaster might consider adding a time stamp to the intropage. Its just a BIT confusing.. Cheers.

  3. Jafar says:

    Sorry Ed. It was explained earlier that the Swing signals are based on Daily Charts so if you see a swing signal, it is valid any time during the next day while it is not triggered.

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