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22nd March Weekly Forex Breakout signals

  • Author: admin
  • Date: March - 22 - 2010


Buy @136.06 SL135.33 TP137.52

Sell @135.33 SL136.06 TP135.33


Buy @85.56 SL85.00 TP86.68

Sell @85.00 SL85.56 TP83.88


Buy @83.06 SL82.43 TP84.32

Sell @82.43 SL83.06 TP81.17


Buy @90.74 SL90.25 TP91.72

Sell @90.25 SL90.74 TP89.27


Buy @122.69 SL122.00 TP124.07

Sell @122.00 SL122.69 TP120.62


Buy @89.26 SL88.68 TP90.42

Sell @88.68 SL89.26 TP87.52

22nd March Weekly Forex Breakout signals

2 Responses to 22nd March Weekly Forex Breakout signals

  1. WinnieAmos05 says:

    are we entering these as an order cancel order entry?

  2. Jafar says:

    You can do them in an OCO way. Like, if the sells enter, cancel the buy. Or you can keep them pending for the whole week. Your choice.

    What I often do, if a large spike heads near our profit target like what happened yesterday, I would just close the orders as the market retraces to grab a nice early profit and stay out of the market for the rest of the week :)

    You should of course also remember to use break even stop loss at an intelligent level or trail your stop at short term res/sup levels as the market moves in your favour.

    You could also use a trailing stop. for example, trailing stop of 75-100 pips on gbp/jpy, 30 pips on usd/jpy and about 45-55 pips on the other jpy pairs is a good guide.

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