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16th March Forex Breakout Signals

  • Author: admin
  • Date: March - 16 - 2009

USD/JPY – 20 pip trail
Buy @98.48 SL98.11 TP98.97

EUR/JPY – 25 pip trail
Buy @ 127.09 SL125.38 TP127.87

GBP/JPY – 40 pip trail
Buy @ 137.95 SL136.99 TP139.12

GBP/CHF – 40 pip trail
Buy @ 1.6730 SL1.6615 TP1.6880

16th March Forex Breakout Signals

4 Responses to 16th March Forex Breakout Signals

  1. Haitham says:

    Hi Jafar..
    Are you using Japanese session (high and low) breakout strategy…?!!!

  2. Jafar says:

    Hi Haitham. That is one concept that forms a part of my overall strategy, but I don’t stick to one idea at a time. I am looking at it from more than one angle and just taking the best option available.

  3. Haitham says:

    I get it…I guess you mean that you are using other indicators to confirm your signals like monthly or weekly pivot points or moving averages or something else….
    Anyway I take a look back at your your signals , you have high percentage of winning deals maybe over 75% .And this is a good way to make money in forex market ..in my opinion anyone could double his account within 2 or 4 weeks using your signals I am sure of this.
    Thanks a lot Jafar for your efforts and keep on

  4. Rick Bird says:

    Cap of the trading day.. EURJPY, and GBPJPY worked out great. I took profit at 139.12, & 127.87 respectively. USDJPY went to S/L lost 98.11, GBPCHF went up then went down most of the day I ended up taking profit at 1.6810 being 0.84 cents not too long ago to keep from another negative turn. Overall I made profit of $164.74 for the day.. Not too bad I guess, worked out ok. :)

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