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17th March Forex Breakout Signals

  • Author: admin
  • Date: March - 17 - 2009

EUR/JPY – 25 pip trail
Buy @ 128.36 SL127.53 TP129.27

GBP/JPY – 40 pip trail
Buy @ 139.37 SL138.32 TP140.67

GBP/CHF – 40 pip trail
Buy @ 1.6802 SL1.6689 TP1.6951

17th March Forex Breakout Signals

16 Responses to 17th March Forex Breakout Signals

  1. Rick Bird says:

    Cap of the trading day.. EURJPY, and GBPJPY worked out great. I took profit at 139.12, & 127.87 respectively. USDJPY went to S/L lost 98.11, GBPCHF went up then went down most of the day I ended up taking profit at 1.6810 being 0.84 cents not too long ago to keep from another negative turn. Overall I made profit of $164.74 for the day.. Not too bad I guess, worked out ok. :)

  2. Rick Bird says:

    Errr.. Posted in wrong category.. Noticed you named today the 16th heh, Jafar can you delete this and the last post? Gonna repost this in the correct category.

  3. Rick Bird says:

    Oh and one question.. I am right to assume this post was meant to be named the 17th of March right? Not the 16th?

  4. mike j says:

    is that 16th supposed to be 17th on these signals? sorry i am new and just trying to figure some things out

  5. Saud says:

    well, it was posted a few minutes ago, so i guess he made a typing mistake there 😉

  6. Jafar says:

    It doesn’t take you guys long to realise my brain worked faster than my early morning butterfingers today. I was very tired. People from Nigeria and Malaysia kept calling me from 2am till about 4am. I must remember to turn off the office phone redirect to my mobile sometimes 😀

    Now the date is fixed.

  7. Saud says:

    this was my 1st time i used these signals,
    Jafar, was there any mistakes on the signals today?

    i used these signals right after you post them here and made the pending trades, only one started EUR/JPY, and that one is also near loss and the other 2 hasn’t started yet :(
    can anyone old user or Jafar explain me in details about these signals? or is it only today that there was mistake?

  8. Haitham says:

    Hi Saud….
    There is no mistakes in these signals..on the contrary,the are good….
    In the forex market you can’t win %100 ..you must lose some trades, and the smart one who protect his account with stop loss , let’s say every ten trade you win 7 and lost 3 trades..in general you are a winner..
    Sometimes the forex market after big movement ,move side way or as we call range market…it’s ok no problem with that,
    this is why the price doesn’t move fast today….
    keep using these signals and be patient ,,then you’ll become a winner…
    and my last advise to you never risk more 5-10% of your account..
    Good luck

  9. Saud says:

    i see, thx haitham,
    btw, should i leave all pendings as it is?
    what about tomorrow’s signals? i don’t believe our current pendings will be over before tomorrow’s signals right? so should we add them as well?

  10. Haitham says:

    Ok Saud…sometime it takes a long time for breakout may be late till the end of American session 10pm GMT …that’s depend upon your account,if you can take risk OK..if you can’t close the trade with small loss now cause the market is ranging and wait for tomorrow signals….
    Good luck

  11. jafar says:

    Hi Guys. Yes, some days are loss, but I think we have seen that the profit days more than make up for it. 😉
    I have usd/jpy and eur/jpy on hold. I will keep them open and also enter tomorrow’s signals on top. Trend is on our side so they are keepers in my opinion. :)

    Saud, the signals not entered by the US session should be deleted and then wait for the next day’s signals to be posted. I’m a fan of the London and Europe sessions for profit. Some days though the market is flat and just doesn’t “break” out like it should.

    As for risk of loss, I consider each and every trade I enter as being already lost. Use this as a rule and you will ensure that you set your risk level to an acceptable level for your account since you will always be asking yourself, “How much do I want to lose?” rather than concentrating on how much you want to win :)

  12. Saud says:

    so it seems the US session already up? so that means i should delete the pending orders?

  13. Danny Alfrin says:

    hello guys.. greeting to all.. now EJ is entering the trade.

  14. Saud says:

    profit with eur/jpy, $170 😉
    closed all other pendings

  15. Rick Bird says:

    damn.. I wish I was aroudn the computer when you got the $170 profit. Right now I’m at -$13.21, though by the average move of this market I’m betting on it’ll go back up where I can turn at least a small profit if not anything(I’m readjusting my TP to 128.45)

  16. Saud says:

    waiting for new signals

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