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15th February Weekly Breakout Signals

  • Author: admin
  • Date: February - 15 - 2010

Hi All. New signals for the week starting 15th Feb. Small targets again due to the sideways horror that is the market these days 😉


Buy@ 123.10 SL122.32 TP123.88

Sell @ 122.32 SL123.10 TP121.54


Buy@ 141.56 SL140.62 TP142.50

Sell@ 140.62 SL141.56 TP139.68


Buy@ 86.02 SL85.34 TP86.70

Sell@ 85.34 SL86.02 TP84.66


Buy@80.23 SL79.56 TP80.90

Sell@ 79.56 SL80.23 TP78.89


Buy@ 90.38 SL89.76 TP91.00

Sell@89.76 SL90.38 TP89.14


Buy@ 84.01 SL83.36 TP84.66

Sell@ 83.36 SL84.01 TP82.71

15th February Weekly Breakout Signals

One Response to 15th February Weekly Breakout Signals

  1. Jafar says:

    I love it when the market breaks out and the week’s targets hit early :)

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