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13th March Forex Breakout Signals

  • Author: admin
  • Date: March - 13 - 2009

USD/JPY – 20 pip trail
Sell @97.12 SL97.58 TP96.53

EUR/JPY – 25 pip trail
Buy @126.83 SL125.95 TP127.80

GBP/JPY – 40 pip trail
Sell @134.76 SL135.88 TP133.37

GBP/CHF – 40 pip trail
Buy @1.6706 SL1.6549 TP1.6912

13th March Forex Breakout Signals

2 Responses to 13th March Forex Breakout Signals

  1. Rick Bird says:

    Did I mention your signals are great? Starting this week I’m doing on a demo account of $500. Mainly to see how well I can do off strictly your signals. I put in my orders based off your signals just about as soon as they came out. Off the GBPJPY pair I got $119.03 already doing a 0.10 lot size. EURJPY and GBPCHF are climbing too. USDJPY hasn’t hit yet, but things are looking promising so far.

  2. Jafar says:

    Thanks for the kind mention Rick. I’m happy you are making money too. Some days I just love me hehe 😀

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