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11th March Forex Breakout Signals

  • Author: admin
  • Date: March - 11 - 2009

USD/JPY – 20 pip trail
Sell @ 98.31 SL 98.65 TP97.88

GBP/CHF – 40 pip trail
Buy @ 1.6079 SL1.5982 TP1.6207

11th March Forex Breakout Signals

4 Responses to 11th March Forex Breakout Signals

  1. Rick says:

    Story short.. Made money off the USDJPY, GBPCHF didn’t hit. I attempted to make money off of it through manual trade, it just didn’t want to work though it failed. Overall though from my small accoutn I made $37.75 off the USDJPY pair… Was doing 0.10 lot size, i took profit at 97.95, i started the order at the quoted pending sale mark.

  2. Haitham says:

    wow..GBP/CHF Buy @ 1.6079 i catch it the next day..I’ve been waiting since.. yesterday
    my technical analysis confirm your signal …
    I don’t know the way you use…it’s great..
    but I set the target to the most recent new high “swing”
    USD/JPY Sell @ 98.31 hit the target..the most recent low
    anyway…great signals….thanks alot..

  3. Haitham says:

    Of course I’m talking about one hour chart..

  4. Rick says:

    Damn I should of left that GBPCHF order open… That pair skyrocketed today

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